From Model to Affiliate: Earn More with Less Work

From Model to Affiliate Model: Earn More with Less Work

What if you could make money even in your sleep? Not joking. Many cam girls out there are already doing it. “I’m a cam promoter on Twitter so I tweet and retweet models when they log on. I see a lot of models tweeting their room link, but less than 10% of them are using their affiliate links to earn extra income.” (source: OK, maybe they’re not that many, but wouldn’t you like to be one of the few? One of those models who’re making money even when they’re not online, camming? I mean, even when you’re: out shopping on a vacation on one of those days when you just don’t feel like going live Hint! As a cam model and affiliate you get 20% of everything that your converted members spend on the website. I mean, 20% of all the calls, prepaids, videos, tips they give to…

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Are we excited to be nominated for the “Best Live Cams Affiliate Program” award at the GFY Awards 2021? You bet we are! Just seeing our name there, neighboring all those affiliate marketing programs that already rock supreme, makes us want to… jump to the ceiling. But we’re keeping our cool, for you know how it is: The road from nominee to winner is paved with… votes. Your votes! So: Would you recommend to your webmaster friends? Are you satisfied with the customer support we offer you? In short: do you think we deserve to win this award or… not this year? If it’s a yes, just vote for us (page 4)!        

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