Do you still earn commissions from every dollar spent on SkyPrivate? Is Attending Bucharest Summit 2022

Short answer: YES, from every dollar spent by someone on or White Labels, even if they make purchases without having an account.   Hey all, Magnus here with some updates and explanations. So, we got questions from some affiliates about the features that has implemented, that offer a user the possibility to spend money without the need for an account. And here we’re referring to the “Purchase Session” button, the “Buy video” option, and the “Send a tip” button – see them below. The affiliates’ concerns are about the fact that these features are seen by them as “commissions gaps”, instances where the affiliate will not get his money from the amount spent through them by the users they send, because there is no account creation seen. I think this calls for further explanation & evidence on how things work because the reality is not as assumed. And…

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From Model to Affiliate: Earn More with Less Work

From Model to Affiliate Model: Earn More with Less Work

What if you could make money even in your sleep? Not joking. Many cam girls out there are already doing it. “I’m a cam promoter on Twitter so I tweet and retweet models when they log on. I see a lot of models tweeting their room link, but less than 10% of them are using their affiliate links to earn extra income.” (source: OK, maybe they’re not that many, but wouldn’t you like to be one of the few? One of those models who’re making money even when they’re not online, camming? I mean, even when you’re: out shopping on a vacation on one of those days when you just don’t feel like going live Hint! As a cam model and affiliate you get 20% of everything that your converted members spend on the website. I mean, 20% of all the calls, prepaids, videos, tips they give to…

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