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Find answers to all of your questions down below:

1. What is this website about? is the affiliate program of

Together with our partners(affiliates) we bring new members on SkyPrivate. You can become one of our partners and earn money with us.

Learn more about affiliate marketing.

2. How to join this program?

You need to open an account here on            

REGISTER NOW and earn a $25 welcome bonus after you confirm your account

Super easy!

3. I must be already registered as a model on SkyPrivate?


Even if you already have a model account on or not, you can earn money with us here on

4. What do I have to do after signing up?

  • Go to the SkyPrivate promo links page and get one of the links from there

  • If you already are a SkyPrivate model, and you want to create an affiliate link to your model profile, you must go to and search for your profile.

After that, copy the link and paste it to the ‘Link Builder’ Tool from this page

5. Why do I need these links?

These links are called affiliate links and are unique for you

Only through them you can invite new members to and begin to earn money.

6. What to do with these links?

Make money, of course. 🙂 How?

Place them on:

  • Your Twitter profile

  • Instagram account

  • Private chats that you have with your fans on other websites

  • Signatures on forums where you are active, 

  • Or any place where you know there are users that are loving to chat with models

7. What if the member I invite has an account on SkyPrivate?

The members that you invite to SkyPrivate must be new on the website.

If a member is already registered on SkyPrivate then you will not be credited for him and you’ll not get commissions from what he spends.

8. I will make money no matter who the Members are calling?

Yes, you’ll get 20% commission from each dollar spent by the Members you get onboard SkyPrivate, no matter if they are doing calls with you or any other models available. 

And this will get you money indefinitely, as long as the Member will spend money on SkyPrivate.

And there is more to this, you earn a commission not only from calls but also from tips, or videos that those members will give/buy.

9. Where do I see my earnings?

We offer a wide range of statistics where you can see how many visits you got from your affiliate links, how many new Members you got, and how much money each of them brought you.

Everything is transparent!

Just visit this page

10. How and when do I get paid?

We do twice per month payments and you’ll get paid automatically if the amount earned is above $100 and your payment details are filled. 

No need for a request. All the work will be done by us.

Also, we support a lot of payout methods: Paxum, Bitcoin, ePayService, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer.

11. How much can I make from this?

There is no limit to how much money you can make.

We already have some models that work with us and do very well. Ask around 🙂

It all depends on you. 🙂

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

                                                                                                                                          Warren Buffett, one of the richest man on Earth