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What is is the affiliate program of SkyPrivate.

This website is the platform that allows anyone to earn money by promoting cam models that offer pay-per-minute shows on Skype, Discord, Phone and Live Streaming.

What products can I promote using

At the moment we have two products that can be promoted and that can help you earn commission: SkyPrivate and

Stay tuned for future products available!

How can I make money with

On you can benefit from the following offers:

For members

For webmasters

  • 10% revenue share from each new affiliate you bring on our program.

More information about every offer can be found here.

How much money can I earn?+

There is no limit and it all depends on you and on how much work you are willing to put on it. The more users you refer to, the more money you earn.

How do I get started?+

The first step in your affiliate program journey is to go on and sign up.

After signing up, you need to verify your email and log into your account.

The next step would be checking out the offers (see which one is suited for you), the Promo Tools and all the features that you can use as an affiliate of

BONUS: after confirming your registration you’ll receive a $25 bonus in your account.

Registration Process

How can I register for an affiliate account?+

Go to and sign up using your email address. Set a username and password and then check your email for the confirmation link.

BONUS: after confirming your registration you’ll receive a $25 bonus in your account.

What are the requirements for joining the program? +

There are no requirements regarding the signing up process. Anyone can register.  You do not have to own a site either, you can use your affiliates links anywhere you consider that people are interested in our services.

Is joining the program free?+

Yes, joining is totally FREE!

How much does the approval period take?+

The approval is instant after you confirm your account by clicking the confirmation link from the email we send you.

For Pay-per-Lead and Pay-per-Sale offers, the requests are reviewed under 48 h.

What do I need to do after I sign in?+

After the registration process, you can sign into your account and check all the offers, Promo Tools, links and widgets that we provide. Based on your traffic and targeted audience, choose the best suited plan for you.

If you don’t know what that would be, get in touch with your Affiliate Manager. Contact details here.

About the available offers

What offers should I choose?+

We offer various methods to promote SkyPrivate and you can choose the right one based on your platform and your traffic.

If you have a platform and content that attracts members, the best offer for you is the one that provides you 20% lifetime revenue share from each dollar that the members brought by you spend on calls, prepaids, tips, store purchase. Check all the information here.

If you have some highly convertible traffic for some top GEOs, the best suited offer for you might be the Pay-Per-Sale offer. The payout is up to $150 for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands , France.Check all the information here.

If your traffic generates a lot of leads from some top GEOs, then the Pay-Per-Lead offer is the one that will generate you the highest revenue. The payout is up to $4,5 for Tier 1. Check all the information here.

If your target audience is the webmasters, you may find that the best option for you is the other offer that we have. This one provides you 10% revenue share from each new affiliate you bring on our program. Check all the information here.

How can I promote your programs/offers?+

There are many ways you can go on with this. First of all, you have to decide what type of internet community or social platform you would like to use.

For example, if you have a strong audience on Social Media, the best way you can promote us is by adding some links to your profile or posts.

We offer many promo tools and links, ready to be used according to your needs.

How to build a link to a specific page?+

What promo tools/widgets are available?+ provides a wide range of promo tools for its affiliates. All of them can be found in your affiliate account at the “Promo tools” section.

API Feeds

You can choose from the RSS and JSON feeds.

The RSS feed can be imported in widgets like those from WordPress, and includes all the live models.

The JSON feed is much more complex, and it holds all the live models information and much more.

We have several JSON feeds in places to help you build the exact website content you want for your audience:

  • All the models that are doing Discord Shows - SkyPrivate
  • All the models from SkyPrivate[online/offline]
  • All the online models from SkyPrivate
Image Banners

This promo tool needs no introduction. It is self explanatory and you can find in your affiliate account a wide range of banners with different sizes so they can fit perfectly on your platform.

They can be static or animated and you have the option to download them and embed it to your website or to create a campaign directly into your affiliate account by using them.

Live Models Carousel Widget

This promo tool offers the possibility to advertise multiple live Skype models at once.

By using the settings available and adding it to your website, you can increase the chances to earn more commissions. The widget displays several live models in a slider, with left and right arrows to help users scroll them through.

You can implement it in 2 steps:

  1. Adjust the default settings to suit your needs (the no. of models you want the carousel to display, the category they should fall into, the maximum display, the button text, etc.)
  2. Copy and embed the given script into your website
Live Video Widget

This widget increases engagement with the user. Adding it in the sidebars or landing pages will offer the visitor a preview from a live Skype model that is ready to get calls.

Once placed on your website, this widget offers your audience a short preview video of a SkyPrivate model that’s online at that moment.

You can implement it in 2 steps:

  1. Update the default settings if necessary (image width, category, button text)
  2. Copy and embed the script text from your affiliate account into your website
Live Chat Head Tool

Following the Facebook tool, we created our version of it to serve you in getting more conversions from your traffic. Once your website visitor clicks on the chat head icon, a SkyPrivate model’s live stream pops up. Along with her seducing message and the “Give her a call” button.

You can implement it in 2 steps:

  1. Customize the default settings you have there to best suit your preferences: the bubble’s width, the text on the button, the category for your online model, the bubble’s position, etc.
  2. After you chose the best position for it, copy and embed the given script into your website

What promo tools/widgets should I use?+

Every promo tool has its own characteristics, but mainly they do the same thing: promote the product.

Based on the type of platform that you have and based on your audience, you can decide which promo tool works for you.

For example, if you have a website, you can use the Live Chat Head Tool, Live Video Widget or Live Models Carousel Widget, but also any other tool available.

If you want to promote SkyPrivate on your social media accounts, you can use the Deep Links.

Also, these are just examples. It’s up to you which promo tools suit your platform best.

How can I implement them on my site/platform?+

For most of them what you have to do is to customize it according to your needs and then copy and embed them to your platform.

For details about each of them, check the questions above and also the “Promo tools” section in your affiliate account.

I have multiple sites, can I use one account for them all?+

Yes, one affiliate account is everything you need and you can manage all your platforms using it.

White Labels

What is a White Label?+

White-label is a tool which allows you to build a website under your brand or company name in just a few minutes.

On you can build your White Label that will look like SkyPrivate, but customized for your needs. It’s a great tool for affiliates that want to own an affiliate site, but don’t know how or don’t want to build it from scratch.

  • NO code needed
  • NO hosting needed
  • FREE SSL with every website that uses Nameservers setup
  • SEO ready, you can start right away to build links and get free organic traffic from Google

What do I need to start?+

You'll need to own a domain name. -> You can register it through a registrar such as:,, etc.

Is a subdomain acceptable?+

In the setup you see we currently do not support subdomains when creating a White label website, but there are manual workarounds that we can do in order to help you have your WL on your subdomain.

Contact us for more details here.

How can I implement a White Label, step-by-step?+


  • Pick a website title
  • Write down your domain/subdomain name without http(s):// or www.
  • Configure your domain using Nameservers:
  • Choose the Default URL your domain will have
  • You will have to set your domain nameservers with the ones we provide you in the next step.
  • You will have a free SSL certificate installed by default and you`ll have the option to access your website with WWW or NON-WWW URL.

    • Change your old Nameservers with the ones from the ‘New’ column
    • Enter a meaningful homepage title and subtitle that will appear on your website
    • Optionally, you can personalize your content by using: categories, tags, design etc.
    • Upload your logo -> two different sizes are required: 267x41 px. (desktop) and 212x164 px. (mobile)
    • Set the overall appearance by changing the: colors, fonts.

Are there any tips and tricks?+

  • Enter a meaningful homepage title and subtitle that will appear on your website(helps with on-page SEO)
  • Optionally, you can personalize your content by using: type of cams, categories, tags, design etc.
  • Upload your logo -> two different sizes are required: 267x41 px. (desktop) and 212x164 px. (mobile)
  • Set the overall appearance by changing the: colors, fonts.


What type of traffic do you accept?+

We accept any type of traffic as long as you respect our terms and conditions.

Where you drive your traffic is one thing that you have to figure out on your own, as part of your journey on affiliate marketing.

What type of geos are you targeting?+

All GEOs are welcome to join. There are no restrictions for the RevShare offers.

However, there are some top GEOs for Pay-Per-Sale and Pay-Per-Lead offers.

PPS: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands , France

Tier 1: United States, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Canada
Tier 2: Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, Austria, Norway
Tier 3: Ireland, Poland, Finland, Israel, New Zealand, Greece, Portugal

You can find out more about that by contacting the team on affiliates[@] .

How can I attract traffic?+

There are multiple sources that you can check and multiple solutions for this, depending on your platform, your content and your audience. To name a few, you can build a site, use SEO, use Social Media, PPC, buy ads, etc. It’s up to you!


How do I get in touch with you?+

Write to us: affiliates[@]  

Any other contact options?+

We can be contacted anytime on Skype:

Magnus - Head of Affiliates

SkypeID: live:.cid.312361be34c41819

Robin - Biz development

SkypeID: irip77


What payment methods do you have?+

We are currently paying affiliates through Paxum, Bitsafe, Bitcoin, International Wire (SWIFT), Bank Deposit, European Bank Transfer via SEPA.

Based on your feedback, we can add more payment methods to our portfolio.

When do I get paid?+

Payment frequency is NET-15, which means we make twice a month payments to our affiliates.

There are two dates in a month when your earnings become eligible for payment: 1st and 16th. The minimum payment required is $100.

Once the payment is eligible, you will receive your earnings in the next 15 days.

What is the payout threshold?+

The minimum payment threshold is $100

In what currency do you pay?+

All our affiliates receive their payment in U.S. dollars.

How can I change my payout details?+

You can do that by clicking on the “My Account” option on your affiliate account. The next step is to go on “Payment options” and click on “Modify” Select your payment option and that’s it!

Once I choose one payment option, can I change it and choose another anytime? +

Yes, you can change it anytime. However, there might be some delays in processing the new payment method, depending on the time of the month when you change it.

Statistics (explained)

Statistics Explanation+

1) Page Views

Page views refer to the number of times a particular web page has been viewed or loaded by visitors.

2) Unique Visitors

Uniques are the number of individual visitors to a website, providing insights into the reach and engagement of a webpage or online campaign.

3) Conversion

It is a key metric in affiliate marketing, indicating the successful completion of a specific objective. In the case of, a conversion refers to the first successful spend from a user which was referred to us. This can include a Tip, a 1-to-1 Private Chat, a session being booked.

4) Continuity

In the context of affiliate marketing or subscription-based services, it refers to recurring commissions or recurring payments. Continuity in our case, refers to commissions earned by affiliates for each recurring purchase made by a previously referred customer.

5) Lead SOI

Lead SOI stands for "Lead Single Opt-In." or Prospect. It refers to a type of lead generation process where the user provides their information email address and explicitly confirms their interest in a product or service through a single opt-in action.

6) Lead DOI

Lead DOI stands for "Lead Double Opt-In." or Qualified Lead. It refers to a lead generation process that involves two confirmation steps from the user. Compared to SOI, the user must take an additional action,by confirming his account from the email received and providing to us a Skype ID/Discord ID. Completing our onboard process you can see the user as a DOI lead.

7) Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of website visitors or users who take a desired action or achieve a specific goal, in the case of, this is related to the Conversion metric. It’s highly recommended to monitor and optimize the conversion rate, as it is essential for improving the efficiency and profitability of your marketing efforts.

8) Refunds

Refunds are typically issued by businesses to maintain customer satisfaction, resolve disputes, and adhere to consumer protection regulations. Refunds are also being issued in case of fraudulent activity of the customer.

9) EPC

Is the acronym for Earnings Per Click a metric used to measure the average revenue generated per click on an affiliate marketing or advertising campaign. EPC is typically calculated by dividing the total earnings generated from the campaign by the number of clicks received.

10) Payout

Payout refers to the earnings received by an affiliate for their affiliate marketing efforts.

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