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What is is the affiliate program of SkyPrivate.

This website is the platform that allows anyone to earn money by promoting Skype cam models that offer pay-per-minute shows.

How can I make money with

On you can benefit, at this point, from two type of offers:

  • For members – 20% lifetime revenue share from each dollar that the members brought by you spend on calls, prepaids, tips, store purchase;
  • For webmasters – 10% revenue share from each new affiliate you bring on our program.

How much money can I earn?

There is no limit and it all depends on you and on how much work you are willing to put on it. The more users you send, the more money you earn.

How do I get started?

The first step in your affiliate program journey is to go on and sign up.

Registration Process

How can I register for an affiliate account?

What are the requirements for joining the program?

There are no requirements regarding the signing up process. Anyone can register. 

You do not have to own a site either, you can use your affiliate links anywhere you consider that people are interested in our services.

Is joining the program free?

Yes, joining is totally free.

How much does the approval period takes?

The approval is instant after you confirm your account by clicking the confirmation link from the email we send you.

What do I need to do after I sign in?

After the registration process, you can sign into your account and check all the offers, promo tools, links and widgets that we provide. 

About the available offers

What offers should I choose?

How can I promote your programs/offers?

There are many ways you can go on with this. First of all, you have to decide what type of internet community or social platform you would like to use. 

For example, if you have a strong audience on Social Media, the best way you can promote us is by adding some links to your profile or posts.

We offer many promo tools and links, ready to be used according to your needs. 

How to build a link to a specific page?

In order to do this you must use our Link Builder tool that you`ll find on the Membership offer page.

Just copy-paste the page link in the ‘”Direct Link” section and hit “Enter” or click somewhere on the page.

You`ll then get your unique affiliate link that you can use to drive traffic to that particular page.

What promo tools/widgets are available? provides a wide range of promo tools for its affiliates. All of them can be found in your affiliate account at the “Promo tools” section. 

API Feeds

You can choose from the RSS and JSON feeds.

The RSS feed can be imported in widgets like those from WordPress, and includes all the live models.

The JSON feed is much more complex, and it holds all the live models information and much more. 

Check the API Documentation if you need help.

Image Banners

This promo tool needs no introduction. It is self explanatory and you can find in your affiliate account a wide range of banners with different sizes so they can fit perfectly on your platform.

They can be static or animated and you have the option to download them and embed it to your website or to create a campaign directly into your affiliate account by using them. 

Live Models Carousel Widget

This promo tool offers the possibility to advertise multiple live Skype models at once. 

By using the settings available and adding it to your website, you can increase the chances to earn more commissions. The widget displays several live models in a slider, with left and right arrows to help users scroll them through.

You can implement it in 2 steps:

  1. Adjust the default settings to suit your needs (the no. of models you want the carousel to display, the category they should fall into, the maximum display, the button text, etc.)
  2. Copy and embed the given script into your website

Live Video Widget

This widget increases engagement with the user. Adding it in the sidebars or landing pages will offer the visitor a preview from a live Skype model that is ready to get calls.

Once placed on your website, this widget offers your audience a short preview video of a SkyPrivate model that’s online at that moment.

You can implement it in 2 steps:

  1. Update the default settings if necessary (image width, category, button text)
  2. Copy and embed the script text from your affiliate account into your website

Live Chat Head Tool

Following the Facebook tool, we created our version of it to serve you in getting more conversions from your traffic.

Once your website visitor clicks on the chat head icon, a SkyPrivate model’s live stream pops up. Along with her seducing message and the “Give her a call” button.

You can implement it in 2 steps:

  1. Customize the default settings you have there to best suit your preferences: the bubble’s width, the text on the button, the category for your online model, the bubble’s position, etc.
  2. After you chose the best position for it, copy and embed the given script into your website

What promo tools/widgets should I use?

Every promo tool has its own characteristics, but mainly they do the same thing: promote the product. 

Based on the type of platform that you have and based on your audience, you can decide which promo tool works for you. 

For example, if you have a website, you can use the Live Chat Head Tool,  Live Video Widget or Live Models Carousel Widget, but also any other tool available.

If you want to promote SkyPrivate on your social media accounts, you can use the Deep Links. 

Also, these are just examples. It’s up to you which promo tools suit your platform best.

How can I implement them on my site/platform?

For most of them what you have to do is to customize it according to your needs and then copy and embed them to your platform. 

For details about each of them, check the questions above and also the “Promo tools” section in your affiliate account.

I have multiple sites, can I use one account for them all?

Yes, one affiliate account is everything you need and you can manage all your platforms using it.

White Labels

What is a White Label?

What do I need to start?

You’ll need to own a domain name. -> You can register it through a registrar such as:,, etc.

Is a subdomain acceptable?

We also accept subdomains, if you already own a web domain and want to use it like this, but this option is available ONLY for the CNAME setup.

How can I implement a White Label, step-by-step?


  1. Pick a website title
  2. Write down your domain/subdomain name without http(s):// or www.
  3. Configure your domain using one of the two options:
    • CNAME – You must set your main domain or subdomain using a CNAME record that will point to
    • Nameservers – Choose the Default URL your domain will have
      • Using this setup type you will have to set your domain nameservers with the ones we provide you in the next step.
      • By using this option you will have an SSL certificate installed by default and you`ll have the option to access your website with WWW or NON-WWW URL.


  • Depending on your configuration option from STEP 1.
    1. CNAME – again, make sure your CNAME record points to
    2. Nameservers – Change your old nameservers with the ones from the ‘New’ column

Are there any tips and tricks?

  • Enter a meaningful homepage title and subtitle that will appear on your website(helps with on-page SEO)
  • Optionally, you can personalize your content by using: categories, tags, design etc.
  • Upload your logo -> two different sizes are required: 267×41 px. (desktop) and 212×164 px. (mobile)
  • Set the overall appearance by changing the: colors, fonts.


What type of traffic do you accept?

What type of geos are you targeting?

All GEOs are welcome to join. However, there are some top GEOs.

You can find out more about that by contacting the team on [email protected] 

How can I attract traffic?

There are multiple sources that you can check and multiple solutions for this, depending on your platform, your content and your audience. 

To name a few, you can build a site, use SEO, use Social Media, PPC, buy ads, etc. It’s up to you!


What payment methods do you have?

When do I get paid?

Payment frequency is NET-15, which means we make twice a month payments to our affiliates.

There are two dates in a month when your earnings become eligible for payment: 1st and 16th. The minimum payment required is $100.

Once the payment is eligible, you will receive your earnings in the next 15 days. 

What is the payout threshold?

The minimum payment threshold is $100.

In what currency do you pay?

Our affiliates receive their payment in U.S. dollars.

How can I change my payout details?

You can do that by clicking on the “My Account” option on your affiliate account.


The next step is to go on “Payment options” and click on “Modify”

Select your payment option and that’s it!

Once I choose one payment option, can I change it and choose another anytime?

Yes, you can change it anytime. However, there might be some delays in processing the new payment method, depending on the time of the month when you change it.


Any other contact options?

Contact us via Skype

Magnus – Affiliate Manager

SkypeID: live:.cid.312361be34c41819


Donna – Junior Affiliate Manager

SkypeID: live:.cid.e75a1d45c8356bf9