“I get up to “X” hits per day, but few conversions. How can I get my traffic to convert better?”

Answer: You start getting more strategic with your efforts as a WhaleHunter.cash affiliate.

And we’re ready to give you a hand with that.

What do we mean by “more strategic”?

  • You optimize your promoted offer and make it more niche-specific and better targeted
  • You send your traffic to landings created around the most popular search tags on SkyPrivate

How do you know which are these high-converting search tags?

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The 15 Most Most-Used Keywords on SkyPrivate: Your Conversion Boosters at Hand

Here are the tag filters that SkyPrivate members used the most, in the last 3 months, to narrow down their searches and get to the content they were really looking for:

blackgirl https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/blackgirl/
strapon https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/strapon/
taboo https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/taboo/
roleplaying https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/roleplaying/
asian http://pvt.sexy/models/tags/asian/
blackmail https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/blackmail/
twogirls https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/twogirls/
british https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/british/
joi https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/joi/
ebony https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/ebony/
femdom https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/femdom/
squirt https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/squirt/
mature https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/mature/
mistress https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/mistress/
dirty https://pvt.sexy/models/tags/dirty/

In other words, use these top 15 search queries to get really strategic and provide your audience with the type of adult content they’re looking for.

… and choose any of the 3 juiciest offers on WhaleHunter.cash that best suits your traffic and goals:

Now, you know what they say:

  • There’s good, deep, research lying at the heart of every conversion optimization strategy
  • Finding the most relevant niche keywords, that help you identify search intent, is what turns mere hits into conversions

Now you can skip these two steps as we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you  and jump right to… implementation.

Here’s how you do it…

How to Use The Most Popular Search Tags to Create Your High-Converting Landings

Now that you know which are the most popular search tags among SkyPrivate users, it’s time to give your audience the content they’re actually looking for.

That will turn mere hits into conversions.

Here’s how you create your own tag-specific landings in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Select any of the links with the tags attached from the list above

Step 2: Log into your WhaleHunter.cash account 

Step 3: Create your affiliate link

Follow these 3 easy steps and get your conversions higher!

But wait! There is more…

As a WhaleHunter.cash affiliate, you have the unique opportunity to promote live cams on Discord.

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That’s it!

You have now multiple options to redirect your traffic to some unique landings for some skyrocketing conversions!

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