How’s it going as a affiliate?

Still struggling?

You’ve tried most of the promo tools in your affiliate account, applied all those tactics that top affiliates swear by in the forums, channeled all your efforts towards the best-rated models on SkyPrivate, and… nothing? Things still haven’t turned out the way you expected?

But what if you’re making the same mistakes that most affiliates make when they first start out?

Not sure what we’re talking about? Here, see if you can spot any “ familiar” mistake(s) in the list below:

Mistake #1: You Don’t Pick a Niche

Or you go for one that’s either too broad or way too specific. So you end up churning out the same general content your visitors can easily find on other… 101 websites/blogs.

Or you address an audience of only… 10 people interested in that niche you’ve picked.

Here’s an example for picking a not too broad, nor too narrow niche:

Going for “Skype shows” is a bit too broad to filter out the inevitable flow of non-target visitors. But what about “busty milfs on Skype”? Now, that’s a potentially winning niche for you: definitely not too broad, but with a wide and dedicated audience already.

Done! That’s how you identify your winning niche.

Mistake #2: You Have no Analytics to Support Where Your Traffic’s Coming From

You don’t know where your traffic’s coming from (do you?), you have no stats about your visitors whatsoever.

Like how old they are, for instance. Or how much time they spend on your website, what sections/pages they go to more often, whether they access it from their phones or desktops, etc.

For you can’t expect a college boy to sign up on SkyPrivate, in the first place, then to spend the same amount of money as a 40+ old member, right?

And you can’t expect people from all over the globe to have the same “appetite” and budget for this kind of adult entertainment, agree?

If you rely solely on intuition, stop.

And get strategic instead:

  • get your analytics set up on your website/blog
  • get yourself valuable insight on GEOs

In short, the traffic you send must be relevant to the service you promote: live adult Skype shows.

And you don’t get relevant and highly targeted traffic by… chance.

Mistake #3: You Rely on Organic Traffic Only

It’s true, organic traffic still has the best quality. If your website’s well-built and well-indexed, the targeted traffic you attract there is gold for your affiliate marketing efforts.

But don’t stop there.

Try out different traffic sources, as well, don’t put all your eggs in Google’s basket.

Other sources like:

  • Email (you do have your email list built and updated, don’t you?)
  • Social media: if done cautiously right, it’ll help you generate a steady flux of traffic
  • Guest posting: draw relevant, adult traffic to your website from other websites in your niche

Tip! 10K+ followers on social media will give that new website you’re building a nice kickstart. That first boost of traffic it needs once launched.

Mistake #4: You Haven’t Built Your Powerful Email List Yet

And by “powerful” I mean perfectly targeted: it targets precisely that audience that’s relevant to your particular adult niche.

Let’s say you’ve noticed that on SkyPrivate there are 6 new models from your selected niche (“busty milfs on Skype”, remember?). And you want to draw your visitors’ attention to them.

What do you do? You put together a nice, juicy newsletter — teasing descriptions, steamy pictures, etc. — and you send it directly to the people on your list.

To those you already know that:

  • are more than interested in this type of content
  • are eager to find out about the newcomers in this category

Email is still a powerful tool in affiliate marketing, both adult and non-adult, if you use it… strategically.

Mistake #5: You Ignore the Fact that You Need to Grind (Really) Hard at the Beginning

OK, maybe you’ve read this on several forums and blogs when you first started as a affiliate, but you kind of overlooked it.

Or you didn’t expect it to take more than 2-3 weeks. Or did you assume that all the others were doing it wrong, but you’d be the exception from the rule?

Remember what ThePornDude said in the interview he gave us:

“There’s an idea that you can make money overnight in porn or on the web in general, but I think every webmaster finds out it’s not necessarily so easy. I had to learn how to drive traffic to a website and optimize for Google, on top of tasks specific to adult entertainment like sourcing content legally.” (source:

It’s a slow process, lots of trial and error, plenty of learning to do.

Basically, it takes a couple of months till you get from a few sign-ups now and then to that daily no. of registrations and amount of spendings enough to generate serious revenue.

It’s definitely the league of the stubborn and the resilient ones. Not of those craving… instant gratification.

So, in which league are you?

The END!

Now, after all this “finger-pointing” at affiliates, let’s see what mistakes we, too, make, as an affiliate program, so we can fix them:

What do you wish you knew when you first started out as a affiliate? What info/advice from us would have helped you avoid making a certain mistake when you started to promote our offer?

Let us know, in the comments below!