Join us virtually or live in Marbella, Spain, on July 2-5, at TES Affiliate Conferences — the networking and affiliate marketing conference of the year!

And let’s do precisely that: network & talk affiliate marketing!

Let’s get all your and adult affiliate marketing-related questions answered to:

  • Why would I want to promote Skype adult cams precisely?”
  • Why”
  • What commission rate do you offer?”
  • What about your payout options?”
  • What promo tools do you offer and what are your top GEOs?”
  • What’s the conversion rate for these Skype adult premium shows on SkyPrivate?”

How can we be sure we won’t miss each other in that huge crowd of publishers, media buyers, advertisers, and affiliates in Marbella?

Or that we make room in our conference-stuffed schedules for a 1-on-1 over a cup of coffee?

Let’s book it right here, right NOW!


… or let’s meet online!

See you at TES 2021!
The Team