What’s better than a well-designed banner ad? An animated one!

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animated picture is worth a million.”

A dynamic banner that:

  • grabs attention & engages
  • informs & explains
  • converts

And this is precisely the new type of promo tool that you can now find in your dashboard. Just check the Your Promo Link Affiliate Referrals section:

👉 https://wh.cash/ReferralBanners

A set of 5 animated GIF banners, of different sizes, that present our affiliate program’s top assets in a much more informative and engaging manner.

“And how is this going to help me boost my earnings coming from the “Refer a webmaster friend” program?”

It’s simple! The new animated banner ads:

  • stand out, no matter where you place them on your website
  • catch the viewer’s eye
  • provide all the key information about the WhaleHunter.cash program
  • hustle viewers to the call to action

Once they do:

  • you get 10% lifetime revshare from what they’ll earn as WhaleHunter.cash Affiliates
  • they get their $25 welcome bonuses from us

It’s a win-win…

Now, time to get your hands on these new, more powerful “harpoons”👉 https://wh.cash/ReferralBanners and earn (even) more from referring Affiliates to the program.