“How can I monetize my existing traffic further, rather than just spending more and more on new traffic?”

Are you struggling with the same challenge?

You already have your cam/dating traffic that you’re getting revenue from, but you’d like the very same traffic to reconvert. So you can squeeze even more revenue out of it.

To achieve this, you need a whole new type of affiliate cam product. One designed specifically for this: to push your existing traffic to convert even further.

And that’s what the new cam product — Skype.Streaming.Love — that you get to promote now via WhaleHunter.cash, is all about.
Here’s what it is exactly and how it fits your needs…

Skype.Streaming.Love: The 1st Web App for Adult Video Skype Calls

Skype.Streaming.Love is a new cam product designed exclusively for WhaleHunter.cash affiliates.

We’ve put together what we learned while working on our SkyPrivate affiliate offers and the feedback we’ve got from our affiliates to create this all-new type of cam product.

What makes it unique?

  • It’s designed to help you get even more revenue with the traffic you already have
  • It’s the FIRST web app for adult Skype shows
  • It’s designed with interactivity in mind
  • It’s available to WhaleHunter.cash affiliates only: your traffic won’t be competing with traffic from other sources. 😉

More interactivity + a Skype look and feel to it = 2 key ingredients to help you turn your existing cam/dating traffic from visitors to registered members, to… big spenders.

In short, Skype.Streaming.Love is a whole new approach to camming.

A WhaleHunter.cash affiliate product geared exclusively at helping you get more out of your existing traffic.

Now, let’s see how you can make money with this new product for Skype cams.

The Skype.Streaming.Love PPS Offer

Earn up to $150 for every new Skype.Streaming.Love member account if he:

  • confirmed his email address & added his Skype ID to his new account
  • has made his first Skype call with a Skype.Streaming.Love model
  • is from the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, or the Netherlands

And let’s talk commission rates, too, shall we?

  • Tier 1: $100/sale if < 9 sales (you earn $100 for every one of your first 9 sales)
  • Tier 2: $120/sale if 10-15 sales
  • Tier 3: $150/sale if >=16 sales

Do you have very qualified traffic that you’d like to get the most out of? Then you’ll want to consider the Skype.Streaming.Love PPS offer as:

  • the product’s designed to meet the even more refined expectations that Skype cams fans have developed in terms of the experience they get
  • the commission rate per sale is tempting, alright: up to $150 for every member that you refer to Skype.Streaming.Love

The Skype.Streaming.Love RevShare Offer

Do you have cam/dating traffic with really good spending habits?

With this offer, you get a 20% lifetime revenue share from every dollar that your referred members spend on Skype.Streaming.Love.

And I mean every type of spending, whether that’s a pay-per-minute Skype call, a prepaid call, a tip, or a bought video.
You earn 20% from every buck spent there, for as long as that referred member keeps spending on Skype.Streaming.Love.

Get More $$$ Out Of Your Existing Cams/Dating Traffic

If you’re reading this you already agree that the Skype cam vertical has one of the best ROIs and grants you the best value in the long run (particularly if you’re going RevShare).

Have you got the taste of the $$$ coming from the cam offers you’ve been already promoting?

And you’re now looking to squeeze even more revenue out of the same traffic?

Then you’ll want to get your hands on these 2 new WhaleHunter.cash affiliate offers and start promoting a whole new kind of cam product. One that’s designed thanks to your feedback and exclusively for you.

Or maybe you’re just starting out with cam offers.

Then you’ll just love the converting power of the product that you get to promote via WhaleHunter.cash: Skype.Streaming.Love. It’s designed to help you get from zero to (earning) hero.

Choose between (up to) $150 PPS payout and 20% lifetime RevShare and start making (more) money now!